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Sechrist recognizes that comprehensive and efficient support and maintenance is critical to our customers. That is why we offer plans to cover your Sechrist products to keep them running smoothly, efficiently and safely.


Sechrist offers a comprehensive 12-month extended warranty agreement for the chamber that provides fast and responsive service.

  • All recommended Annual Preventative Maintenance is included and conducted to address any issues and keep your product running in optimal condition.

  • All replacement parts are covered at no additional charge, when required.

  • Unlimited service visits during the contract period, provided the issue cannot be resolved over the phone.

  • Telephone and email support with a trained and specialized technician.


All the benefits of the total care program, but designed for Sechrist Chambers that are over 10 years old or 10,000 cycles. This program includes all of the features above, but also offers:

  • Added benefit of all industry required PVH02 inspections. With proper PVH02 inspections, you can extend the service life to 20 years or 20,000 cycles.

  • All PVH02 inspections can be completed at the time of your regularly scheduled annual Preventative Maintenance, thereby minimizing service disruptions for inspections from a third party.


Our years of experience in oxygen therapy equipment servicing allow us to provide the highest quality products and exceptional service for our customers. Sechrist recognizes that comprehensive and efficient support is a critical customer requirement, and we have the infrastructure in place to handle all of your technical and customer service needs quickly, efficiently and professionally.

All Sechrist Industries certified technicians are continuously trained and updated on the changing regulatory requirements within the hyperbaric chamber industry. Each chamber should be thoroughly inspected and updated on a yearly basis by certified technicians only. All maintenance and inspections are done around your schedule and for your convenience. With the Sechrist Annual Preventative Maintenance Service plan your chamber will continue to run at its highest quality and at the highest reliability in the industry. Only use Sechrist Certified Technicians for all maintenance, inspections, and overhauls.Through our Sechrist Annual Preventative Maintenance Service (PM), we offer:

  • Recommended annual preventative maintenance service conducted, at your convenience, during the normal business week.

  • All regularly replaced parts, including filter elements and battery; other parts can be provided at an additional charge.

  • One month warranty on parts and labor

  • 24×7 telephone and email support

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