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Chamber Tune-Ups

Chamber Tune-Ups - Models 3200/R, 3300E/ER, 3600E/ER, all H Model Chambers

Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers are known as the gold standard in the industry. To ensure that your equipment is in optimal condition for the life of the chamber, Sechrist is offering a 10-yr Tune-up for all Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber models when they reach either 10 years from the date of manufacture or have reached 10,000 cycles, whichever comes first.

Chamber Tune-Ups Include:

• Thorough hand-cleaning & refurbishment of each individual component. If damaged, the part will be replaced with a new part.
• Installation of new 3-way valve.
• Installation of new door gasket.
• Includes Annual Preventative Maintenance service, parts & testing.
• Installation of new master valve including new control knobs.
• Installation of new Pressure Relief Valves.
• Calibration, pressure testing and complete functional performance test with 10 Year Tune-Up Verification Certificate.
• Inspection of flanges, retaining rings, bolts, seats and seals completed as part of PVHO-2 Cylinder Inspection.
• Six month warranty on equipment and workmanship.
• Detailed service report showing all testing results as well as required PVHO Viewport Extension.


Acrylic Cylinder Design Life Extension
• At the time of the 10-Year Tune Up Sechrist will conduct a PVHO-2 Ten-Year Life Extension Viewport Inspection of the acrylic cylinder.
• After the Life Extension Viewport Inspection, Sechrist offers Maintenance Viewport Inspections (MVIs) which can extend the Service Life up to 20 years or 20,000 cycles from date of manufacture (MVI should be conducted every two years).

Available Ancillary & Upgrades

• OmniPressure Mattress
• Acrylic Cylinder Scratch Removal Kit and Polishing Kits
• Patient Positioning Pads
• Patient Pillows
• Free Flow Air Break System
• Total Care Plus - extended warranty for chambers over 10 years old

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