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Why Sechrist Industries?

As a valued partner, we thank you for using Sechrist Industries for your hyperbaric chamber preventative maintenance and repair service. Like you, we believe that a competent, trained service staff, supported by a deep organization of engineering and medical device industry professionals, is the best choice for hyperbaric chamber operators and their patients.

We understand that you have many service options; rest assured that we appreciate your choice of Sechrist for your medical device service versus an unauthorized third-party provider. The benefits we offer include:


All Sechrist technicians are factory trained and re-certified annually on specifications, service methods and quality assurance requirements. Service processes and parts change periodically, so constant training is necessary to ensure the quality and safety of your chamber.


Our service program, an integral part of our Quality Assurance Program, is certified to meet FDA Quality System Regulations.

As such, we must maintain extremely high servicing standards and we are routinely audited against those requirements.


We warranty our equipment and workmanship to ensure that you get the full value you are seeking for every service transaction.


All replacement parts are manufactured or procured by Sechrist, and are inspected according to our strict quality control requirements.

We also warranty all of our parts against defects in materials and workmanship.


Sechrist maintains a robust database of our worldwide installed base of thousands of units.

This enables us to perform statistical analysis and monitor trends in equipment and component performance.

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